Choosing a Data Governance Tool

Using a data governance software can help agencies manage the data lifecycle, create policies, and observe data pipelines. Data governance software likewise helps organizations make certain data top quality and personal privacy.

IBM presents a wide range of info governance tools. The IBM Watson Knowledge Directory is a cloud-based catalog, which harvests metadata and provides data lineage, self-service insights, and intelligent breakthrough recommendations. The tool also offers a range of features, which includes an end-to-end listing and quality scores.

Collibra provides a powerful data governance platform for enterprises. The Data Governance product automates key governance tasks and offers framework, reporting, and access to info from anywhere. It also includes reference operations capabilities and effort tools.

Axon Data Governance is a custom data governance solution suitable for large companies. Its capabilities include AI, machine learning, and privacy. Intended for teams, it is extremely scalable and integrates with other Informatica data products.

Erwin consolidates metadata coming from various info sources and makes it offered via role-based views. In addition, it includes a fully configurable On demand Impact Analyst Dashboard. The tool also provides metadata harvesting features via erwin connectors.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog is available in two flavors: one that can be deployed about IBM Cloud and one that may be deployed over a private cloud. The former includes an end-to-end catalog and quality report, while the last mentioned runs about machine learning algorithms.

Collibra’s Data Governance product is also available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) style. It integrates with other Collibra products, such as the company’s info catalog and data dictionary.

Choosing a Data Governance Tool